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It is often not in your office you get the best imagination. We offer the opportunity to open your mind to new ideas. Bring them back to your team and show your leadership.


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Our industry is built on value, security and relationships. Join The BayPay Forum to accelerate your adoption and growth in this already well established but changing industry. You don't want to be left behind.

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In being exposed to the latest trends in Payments, Commerce and Fintech, you learn this industry to become an expert outside of your day to day work.


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Our panel discussions are made of leaders in the industry creating a deep dive into specific topics. These events are very interactive because attendees have also opinions on the subject discussed for the benefit of the whole audience.

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We have many tools and resources for you outside of our events to help you navigate, build more connections and more understanding of our industry.

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Premium Members can attend all our upcoming events, watch videos of our past events from our Video Library section, and join Live Streaming events - all for Free.

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