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We are planning our next event in Palo Alto in July. What date would you prefer for our next event in Palo Alto?
What date would you prefer for our next event in Palo Alto?

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Why we are here

Executives at established companies are often isolated in their day to day.

Entrepreneurs have difficulty meeting these executives.

We create the opportunity for them to meet and build relationships to potentially work together.

Curated Executive Mixers

In just a few hours, you can meet many other executives like minded who otherwise would have been difficult to meet.

Because most of the people are local, you can meet them the following day or week for a follow up.

Thought Leadership Series

We invite successful executives and CEO/Founders to share their experience and inspire our community.

Thought Provoking Presentations on Latest Trends

We invite analysts and executives to share their knowledge on what is shaping our market and what is coming.


Interactive Panel Discussions

Our panel discussions are made of leaders in the industry creating a deep dive into specific topics. These events are very interactive because attendees have also opinions on the subject discussed for the benefit of the whole audience.
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All Business

Our events are opened to everyone but are not for everyone. Do not expect an overview of a topic. You will be amazed at how you think after attending several of our events. It will change your vision of the world.

Payments, Commerce and Fintech Demo Days

We invite startups and sometimes established companies to demonstrate their latest innovations in our industry.

Startup Mentoring, Training and Introductions

Because of the deep experience of many of our members, startups can get a better support within our network.

Live Streaming of Events

We all have busy lives in this industry so attending an event is often not an option. Our live streamed events give the opportunity to learn but also to interact with our panelist or presenters.