AXA Climate School to get risk managers up to speed with global warming danger

The Climate School, the e-learning arm of sustainable insurance and consulting company AXA Climate, today announced a new training module specifically designed to aid Risk Managers get up to speed with pressing climate danger.

The course, Act-Risk Management, created in partnership with leading global risk consulting firm Arengi, comes after months of floods, drought, wildfires, hurricanes and extreme weather events across the globe have promoted rising fears about climate change’s impact on business.

A new global survey commissioned by the World Economic Forum reveals that more than half of adults say climate change has had a severe impact on their part of the world, with a third fearing it may force them from their homes. The scientific consensus is clear that due to climate change, natural disasters will not just grow, but intensify.

This year, for the first time, climate risk is at the top of the concerns of Risk Managers in all regions of the world, according to the AXA Future Risks Report 2022. With climate change, natural disasters will develop and increase and intensify.

In this context, the role of Risk Manager is more essential than ever. The new training course helps risk management leaders manage the issues and not get overwhelmed by the scale of the problem. The course offers practical advice for Risk specialists on:

• How can we best prepare our company for climate risks?

• What good practices should be adopted?

• Where do we start and how to find our way among all the new guidelines?

The course is a key pillar of the highly practical “ACT” element of the AXA Climate curriculum, where practitioners access guidance on actions they can take in their day jobs to play a role in turning their businesses Green.

The new course’s content was developed in close partnership with one of the world’s leading Risk Management and Governance specialist consultancies, Paris-headquartered Arengi, which supports management teams in optimizing their risk profile.

It has also been curated by many experts and it is based on extensive research and dialog with professionals engaged with the topic Risk, whose experience and insights were drawn on to create this training:

• Guillaume Bouny, Head of Risk Management, WORLDLINE

• Stephanie Canino, Head of Risk Management ERAMET

• Arnaud Vanon, Partner VATHIS CONSULTING

• Benoît Bougnoux, Climate Risks and Opportunities, ARENGI

• Huu-An Pham, Head of Industry Adaptation, AXA Climate

• Michel Josset, Insurance and prevention director, FORVIA

“Today, companies are undergoing profound transformations in order to anticipate and reduce the impacts of growing climate risks,” explains Antoine Poincaré, head of The Climate School at AXA Climate. “Risk Managers have an essential role to play in this transformation. With this training, we give them the means to contribute fully, by developing good practices and helping them to better identify the opportunities that can be seized.”

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