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The Bank Regulatory Landscape and the Evolution of Digital Payments for Fintech Firms in the US and Beyond (2019)

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Gerry Tsai, Director of Applications and Fintech at the SF Fed, provides an overview of the bank regulatory and structural landscape in the US as it pertains to digital payments and rise of payment-oriented fintech firms. With the rise of nonbank payment firms and challenger institutions in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, Gerry will discuss how regulatory and other considerations could impact the potential for such developments in the US. In the discussion, Gerry will review regulatory considerations for fintech firms partnering with banks, bank licensing and applications options for fintech firms, and consider how other jurisdictions have approached similar matters. Gerry will also discuss his experiences with the SF Fed’s Fintech Navigate program ( which conducts office hours and similar engagement programs with fintech firms and other institutions.
Disclaimer: The views that Mr. Tsai will express are solely his own, and may not represent the view of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Board of Governors, or any other part of the Federal Reserve System.


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