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Thought Leadership - Cybersecurity: Data Breaches are on the Rise, What can We Do About it? (2018)

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Hackers! Insider threats! The cybers!

Most cybersecurity talks focus on expressing the depth of the threat with one purpose: To make you scared. This is done largely to get the C Suite to invest more money in new vendor solutions. But what if we’re asking the wrong questions? What if the problem is not the lack of a managed service provider but rather a lack of clearly understood policies?

Phil’s talk begins on describing how most attacks move within a corporate ecosystem as a means of explaining where the real security holes exist: a lack of clearly understood policies. This moves a critical element of cybersecurity from CISOs to CEOs.

We will then discuss the critical questions that every CEO needs to ask and understand in order to provide clear corporate guidance to resolve 95% of the threat.

But what about that other 5%? Invariably, every company will be hacked at some point. Companies with well-exercised plans brief their Boards on predefined remediation metrics. Companies with ad hoc response brief their Boards on the timing of resignations. Phil will end the discussion by talking about how to think about and exercise remediation plans.

This holistic discussion will move the discussion from fear to actionable non-technical solutions for CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, GCs, and every other senior leader who wants to take control of their companies back from the fearmongers.


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