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Silicon Valley Funding with Jeremy Gardner (2018)

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Startups spring up like mushrooms, and also wither away even faster than it took them to start. Of the few of those that survive, even fewer make it become successful. With the prevalence of fraudulent schemes and scams in today's modern investments, how do investors know what to look for in blockchain startup investing? Are there early signs that a startup is likely to succeed or fail?


Join us as Jeremy Gardner and Bá Minuzzi take us through the world of blockchain startup investing. Jeremy and Bá have quite a track record in the blockchain industry both individually and as a team. Jeremy founded and co-founded several global organizations namely the Blockchain Education Network, Augur, SAAVHA, and is also instrumental in raising millions of funds for some of the most successful ICOs in the industry. Bá also made a name for herself by single-handedly raising over $250M for real estate and high-tech companies in Latin America and the United States. She also co-manages over $200M in assets. She is the founder of BABEL Ventures, the first venture firm in Silicon Valley with a Latina founder and sole GP.


Together, Jeremy and Bá founded the company Ausum Ventures, a hybrid venture-hedge fund which aims to promote social change through blockchain technology. We will surely learn a lot from their first-hand experience in raising startups. 


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