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BayPay Thought Leadership with Will Graylin, Repeat Entrepreneur in the Mobile and Payment Space (2018)

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When the credit and debit cards were invented, we thought payments couldn’t get any better than this, or so we thought. Until LoopPay was born, and the world would never be the same again. LoopPay is one of the first contactless wallet solutions. It is Will Graylin’s third mobile payment startup company. The two prior companies, which also became the leading mobile POS and mobile payment solutions providers, were Way Systems (sold to Verifone) and ROAM Data (sold to Ingenico). Three years since it was launched, LoopPay was acquired by Samsung in 2015 to become Samsung Pay, where Will was also the Global Co-GM.

From cashless to cardless to contactless payments, what’s next in the payments industry? Join us for a fireside chat with Will Graylin. A Bostonian serial entrepreneur and technology innovator, Will is the perfect speaker for this month’s Thought Leadership event in Boston. He has already done great milestones in the payment industry. He and his ideas certainly have a lot more to offer to this rapidly changing payments landscape. Have your questions ready and ask Will personally or, via our chat system and, we will relay them for you. 


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