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Payments Facilitation: The Rapid Evolution of Software Companies into the Payment Industry (2018)

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The recent years have seen many companies pushing the limits of commerce, customer engagement or experience, business models and even regulation like Crypto-currencies or ICOs. This phenomenon has taken by surprise whole segments of the market at banks, service providers or retailers. Some reacted well, some are on the fringe of extinction or have already disappeared.

The BayPay Forum is pleased to bring this new event that will put some light on a new category of service providers that are growing rapidly: the Payments Facilitators.

Definition: A Payment Facilitator or PayFac is a merchant service provider that simplifies the merchant account enrollment process. PayFacs operate on a sub-merchant platform where merchants no longer require their own MID, bit are boarded directly under the PayFac’s master MID account.

For this event, we have gathered great speakers representing different stakeholders of this new ecosystem who will be grilled politely by our Managing Director to extract their knowledge to educate us on the trends they see in the market.


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