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BayPay Thought Leadership Series with Jean-Michel Arnoult CEO of Crowdfunder (2018)

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This number is the total amount of money raised in 2017 by VC-backed companies in the US in over 5,000 deals.

If you compare it to 2016, it is an increase of a staggering $11.5B. Startups get funded at a very healthy rate and San Francisco remains the top city to get funded as more and more startups are flowing to the Bay Area but other regions are catching up (see our Phoenix event on March 14 in Phoenix).

But as we know all startups are not equal and all stages are different. Indeed, later stage startups received 36% of the total in 109 deals over $100M. What impact does it have on the early stage startups? Is the money flowing as well, how long and what does it take to raise seed money or a Series A round.

What is the best way to start a founding team, get the first proceeds to get going, how to structure the company, etc? With the rise of ICOs (see our Feb 27, Mar 1 and other upcoming events on ICOs), is this model of raising money in the future a dead horse?

We have so many questions and we are not alone. Do you?

This will be the core of our Fireside Chat with Jean-Michel Arnoult, CEO of Crowdfunder in Los Angeles. We have prepared a series of questions to grill him on all the challenges that founders and CEOs have. Attending this event physically or online will allow you to ask your own questions as well.

If you are an entrepreneur, a VC or Corporate Venture, an early stage investor, or an executive willing to understand how it works, come join us to learn, interact and network in this special session.


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