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Can the Blockchain survive without Bitcoin? (2016)

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We have done many events in the last few years on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and the Blockchain. If you came to all of these events, you are not well versed in the technology, the ecosystem and some of the business opportunities.

Last year was a reality check for the Bitcoin aficionados. The value of Bitcoin went from almost $1,200 in 2014 down to $177 (now at a little less than $400). Many of the early startups with no funding or seed funding disappeared to leave room for larger and better funded companies.

Recently, banks found finally a way to get involved with the technology without compromising the regulated side of their business and some significant money was poured into promising teams around the Blockchain.

In this new event, we have invited senior executives to discuss particularly the opportunities associated with the Blockchain as a technology without necessarily tying it to the Bitcoin. We all know that identity management is a big issue not limited to payments and banking so could a general ledger solve the problem and what would be the rules of control? We will discuss also the potential “privatization” of the Blockchain or the Sidechains as it may be a way for banks and card schemes to leverage the technology appropriating its attributes but keeping it under regulated entities control.

Surely, comments will be made on the departure of Mike Hearn, his comments while leaving (read or the future of Bitcoin as an unregulated global currency (Check this list of pages that will give a sense of the price history).


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