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BayPay Thought Leadership with Minister of Finance of Luxembourg, Pierre Gramegna (2016)

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Payments are hot these days. It is so hot that now state and federal regulators are starting taking a closer look. The Consumer Financial Bureau (CFPB) has started a round of sanctions against companies like Dwolla or audits in the P2P lending area. With the States starting drilling down on Payment Processors, compliance department of startups and established companies are going to be busy. 

From afar, it looks like Europe has taken a very different approach to all this putting in place regulations and directives allowing more innovation and disruption from new entrants and existing companies in the banking and the payment sectors. To have a good understanding of what drives all this and how it is going to happen, we have invited the Finance Minister of Luxembourg, Pierre Gramegna to join us in a special Thought Leadership Series event to discuss with us and our members the European environment and what every US company should be aware of either doing business there or willing to do business there.


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