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From eCommerce to Marketplaces (2016)

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Over 20 years have passed since the beginning of the Internet and eCommerce, both are now a well established way for many to buy things. Selling online is now mandatory and part of every retail business of some size.

While this trend is still growing and capturing more transactions, another option for connecting buyers with sellers has emerged and grown: Marketplaces.

With Amazon as one of the earliest and greatest successes, the next generation of marketplaces are not only selling goods, but also services, experiences and expertise. Etsy, Uber, AirBnB, Upwork, Kickstarter, Vestiaire Collectible, DH Gate, and many others have been very successful in bringing together buyers and sellers with a different spin.

The emergence of this new type of business and of the shared-economy movement has created new needs and requirements in terms of payments and very few global solutions exist today to serve the fast growing pace of their domestic and international expansions.

In this session, we will bring together speakers with a strong understanding of the challenges faced by this new breed of players and try or isolate the business opportunities hidden behind these challenges.


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