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BayPay Thought Leadership with Ryan Gilbert, Partner at Propel Venture Partners and Founder/Chairman at BetterFinance (2016)

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For this Thought Leadership Series event, we have invited Ryan Gilbert, Partner at Propel Venture Partners and Founder/Chairman at BetterFinance, to sit down with Daniel Chatelain for a fireside chat about the future of fintech. 

We are particularly pleased and thankful to have Ryan as a speaker. The first time we met was in 2007 when he was CEO of PropertyBridge for an event we organized at Visa on "How do startups do business with large established financial institutions". At that event, he announced he was now MoneyGram having sold his company to them just a few days before. 

Ryan is the founder of Better Finance and was its CEO until the beginning of the year and now is its Executive Chairman. He is now a partner at Propel Venture Partners (You remember them from our event in July with Jay Reinemann on Show Me the Money on July 14 in San Francisco - Video available on the event page HERE). 

He was advisor of Square for over 6 years and sits on the board of several companies. 

We will discuss how he started, what he learnt in his many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and how he sees the market evolving in the future. We are sure you will learn a lot from his vast experience and enjoy his great personality in the networking.


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