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BayPay Thought Leadership with Nuno Sebastiao, Co-Founder and CEO at Feedzai (2017)

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This year will start on an Intelligent note, an Artificial Intelligent one to be precise.

We have done our analysis of trends and it is about time we start talking about this topic. While the application of AI has been used here and there for some time, there is definitely an acceleration of funding in the space with $2B in 2016 alone. The technology can now leverage the huge amount of data that is available to make recommendations and find patterns of behaviors difficult to detect before.

The applications in financial services are now more widespread from customer service on chatbots to investment advisors that may render obsolete the reliance on human financial advisors in the future.

In this first event of the year, we have invited Nuno Sebastiao, Founder and & CEO of Feedzai to learn from him what AI is really and how it applies to fraud & risk management for financial services, payments and commerce companies. We will look also at how the company was created and how Nuno was able to raise over $26M so far, the last round from Citi Ventures for an undisclosed amount.

This event should be an eye-opener for many executives not familiar with AI and Deep Learning and for entrepreneurs preparing their next round of funding from major VCs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.


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