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Crypto-Currencies - What is Coming? (2016)

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If you have been following BayPay for the last several years, you know that we have been very active on the Bitcoin, Crypto-currency and Blockchain fronts. We even sponsored the first Bitcoin Summit organized by the Bitcoin Foundation in May 2013 at the Convention Center in San Jose. It was a very interesting experience at the time with the Winklevoss Twins on stage, with panels of investors and a strong lineup of entrepreneurs working hard to create a new world and eliminate friction in P2P transactions, micro-payments and international payments. 

After several waves that saw the rise of the Bitcoin up to $1,200, the fear of many financial institutions and regulatory bodies around the world, many investments long forgotten and gone, the fall of the Bitcoin down to $170 and its rise again around $600 today, we want to revisit this topic and better understand where we are. 

Far from being dead, the Bitcoin is still there and is the most traded crypto-currency in volume even if other currencies were created by companies like Ethereum, Ripple, etc. The Blockchain seems to take over with many applications (it will be the subject of another event later) as our last event “Can the Blockchain survive without Bitcoin” on Feb 18, 2016 illustrated (Video available for purchase or free to Online members at 

In this session, we will retrace how we got where we are, what the status is, in crypto-currencies and where we are going with executives in the industry who will share their experience and opinions.


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