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BayPay Thought Leadership Series with Sasha Orloff, CEO and Co-­Founder at LendUp (2016)

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For this session on Thursday, December 8, we have invited Sasha Orloff, co-Founder and CEO of Lendup.

LendUp is on a mission to transform personal finance for those traditionally shut out of traditional banking – the more than 150 million Americans who have no or low credit and may struggle to pay their bills and make ends meet.

Based in San Francisco and with offices in Richmond, VA, the Y Combinator seeded company now has more than 200 employees.

Sasha Orloff, CEO, co-founded the company in 2012 with his stepbrother Jake, currently CTO. The company has raised $125M in total venture capital and $200M in debt.

During this event, we will have the opportunity to get Sasha’s perspective on what it takes to launch and scale a mission-based company in a highly regulated industry, raise money from 15 investors for a seed round, attract the likes of Google Ventures, build technology from within, disrupt financial services for a forgotten class of people... and even what it’s like to work with your family.

Having worked around the world for the Grameen Foundation, the World Bank, and more recently Citi, Sasha will share his vast experience and answer your questions if you attend the event or if you watch the live streaming in real time.

We selected Sasha for this event as we had him in our April 14, 2016 on Alternative Lending with Prosper Marketplace, Sofi and Lendstreet. You can see the video of that event directly on the event page HERE.


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