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B2B Lending & Payments (2017)

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With a market size of $18.5 trillion in the US in 2016 and an estimated $150 trillion of cross-border payments, B2B Payments represent a huge opportunity that has been slow to change in the recent years. The percentage of business payments made by checks was still over 50% last year decreasing regularly year over year from a staggering 81% in 2004.

This market has not been disrupted yet because of the complexity of B2B Payments processes even if it is still a top pain point for sellers and buyers. The process of paying suppliers is still cumbersome and costly, involving invoicing and long periods of wait, and going through multiple banks and systems.

BayPay is organizing this event to highlight the business opportunities in the space and introduce some innovative solutions as we are starting seeing a change in this complex market.

We have invited CEOs of several established startups so attendees will be able to interact and ask questions. We didn't invite any blockchain company for this event as it is a little too early for them in our opinion to play a major role but we continue following their progress and will invite them for this type of event when we feel they start being representative.


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