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“Pay by Car” Will Driverless Cars Become our Malls of Tomorrow? (2017)

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The automobile industry is in the midst of big transformations. After years of incremental improvements, companies like Tesla, Google are complete game changers, bringing to market cars or solutions for cars never seen before. They are not the only ones in this group and companies like Baidu, NVIDIA, Mobileye (acquired by Intel) are also actively involved.

Incumbent car manufacturers are trying to fight back and it is no surprise here that so many now have established Innovation Labs and R&D centers in Silicon Valley.

Even companies like Uber are trying to leverage the technological advancements in self-driving cars too, in the long term, get rid of its gigantic pool of drivers if they can. Even Apple just received its self-driving car permit according to Recode.

If the trends continue, we won't have to spend hours in our cars to commute everyday or for long distance trips. So what are we going to do? That's where commerce and payments enter the landscape and present a huge opportunity.

Cars may become the next Marketplace, at least that's what we believe at The BayPay Forum. Cars may well benefit from the convergence of today's technologies in commerce to transform an object of transportation or leisure into a commerce environment.

We are gathering for this event executives who are working on the cars of tomorrow to foster ideas in Innovation in Payments and Commerce.

If you are working on this, let us know as we are working on contacting the right speakers for this event. You can use the chat button at the bottom of all our pages.

This event is part of our series of events on Mobility Commerce Trend.


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