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BayPay Thought Leadership with Jason Gardner, Founder and CEO at Marqeta (2019)


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  • Release Date: October 23, 2019

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Starting a business is an adventure. Looking at the number of accelerators and incubators in the US and abroad, this adventure attracts more and more entrepreneurs who see opportunities in making things better.

Success is never guaranteed and the road is paved with a mountain of challenges that the startups have to solve. To give a few examples: you have to find the right idea, then test it, find the right product market fit, hire the right people, not only fund the business but also with the investors that will support you even during down times. And this is just the beginning.

Very few startups reach the so-called “Unicorn” level (valuation over $1B). So when we asked Jason Gardner, the founder and CEO of Marqeta to participate in our fireside chat, we eere excited when he accepted our offer to share with the BayPay members his experience on how he did it from start to now and how ge sees the market evolving in the future.

The fireside chat will start and end with a networking session at FIS we thank here for sponsoring this event.

After a series of questions to Jason, we will open the mic to you so you can ask your own questions.


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