Welcome Real-time expands into proximity locations-based services

Aix-en-Provence, France 5th May 2014 - Welcome Real-time, a leading global operator of marketing and loyalty solutions and services, announced today the launch of Welcome-OmniConnect, a communication and marketing solution for proximity locations.

Welcome-OmniConnect allows retailers and banks to have more meaningful conversations with their clients without necessarily having to give significant discounts or rewards.

Welcome-OmniConnect helps to engage with customers being nearby stores or in-stores, prior to the moment of payment, maximizing their involvement, boosting reward redemption rates as well as increasing product, service and offer awareness.

Welcome-OmniConnect aggregates several location feeds (BLE beacons, QR Codes check-ins, POS or ATMs transactions, social-media check-ins, etc.) approached by visitors who instantly receive generic or hyper-personalized messages (promotional messages, loyalty status, redemption reminders, etc.) sponsored by a retail bank or a merchant.

Welcome-OmniConnect helps merchants to lower the cost of acquisition of new customers via street-to-store traffic with fewer incentives required than for web-to-store.

Proposed either as a standalone solution or as an extension to an existing Welcome implementation, Welcome-OmniConnect embodies the concept of real-time marketing coupled with proximity services.

 With Welcome-OmniConnect as a standalone solution, visitors near-by a store receive reminders or offers sponsored by a retail bank such as “Use our Credit Card here to earn points” or sponsored by a retailer, for example “20% off on all jeans today”.

 With Welcome-OmniConnect as an extension to existing Welcome solutions (XLS, At Store, In Wallet), visitors can get personalised messages based on context and history, such as “Enjoy here your 10 Euros coupon before it expires next week” or “Your 10,000 points can be redeemed here for goods”.

“Welcome-OmniConnect is a new solution that fits perfectly with our DNA” commented Philippe David, CEO Welcome Real-time. He added:” For years, Welcome has been processing payment and loyalty transactions in real-time for retail banks and merchants, focusing on the moment of payment, in order to increase repeat visits and ticket size. As the market requires new approaches to lower the cost of recruiting new customers, and drive them in store, our expertise and know-how allows us to move beyond real-time rewarding to now propose real-time communication and marketing services at proximity locations”.

Welcome-OmniConnect is part of Welcome’s Cloud-based solutions.

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