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Crypto-industry has generated a lot of absolutely new professions. Some of them are extremely in-demand jobs. However, despite the prestige of such positions as co-founder, blockchain software developer, or crypto-trader, numerous other professions are in the shadow. They are focused on servicing this industry.

Today we will look at the representatives of crypto-word, who are engaged in dirty work, but without them, it would be impossible to run blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies.


China is one of the leading countries as far as Bitcoin is concerned. China is leading in the production of crypto-mining equipment. It also occupies a top position in the number of mining farms, which greatly exceed competitors in size.

Most of these farms are often located in abandoned or industrial warehouses, where countless rows of mining rigs (servers, video cards, ASICs) work non-stop together with powerful air conditioners. Such farms bring millions of dollars in income to their owners.

However, all this equipment needs constant service and maintenance, which becomes a problem for owners who do not want to attract attention to such objects, often built illegally.

Work conditions are terrible. Employees live and work amidst the mud for many months in a row, servicing equipment and software. Such farms sometimes do not even have shower rooms. The staff eats only rice and noodles. Yet many workers ignore such gloomy aspects of their activities as relatively high payment (for China) will enable them to save money for a future life in more favorable conditions elsewhere.


The ICO market relies heavily on interaction with huge communities of coin-followers. Responsibility for the support of such communities in Telegram channels, Reddit, Twitter, Medium and on other social networks lies on community managers.

Many cryptocurrency projects hunt for such PR specialists. It is extremely difficult to find a truly qualified professional in such a new and developing market.

The duties of such managers include community tech support, informing the participants about the latest news of the company, as well as constant communication with them.

Many Telegram groups are known for their active communication and constant discussions of hot topics. Often in such discussions, one and the same person uses several accounts, ask and answer his own questions creating the appearance of high activity on the channel.

This aggressive marketing campaigns\strategy is well known and regularly used by competing community managers who engage in multiple groups in order to attract new subscribers. There are even professional agencies that offer similar services and use clever ways to make competitors get banned on popular platforms. But before being banned, real professionals quickly identify potential investors inside competing communities and send them private messages.


This list of professions would be incomplete without one of the most outrageous types of activities. We are talking about hackers. Their responsibility is to raise funds from unsuspecting market participants. Rigid time frames and constant stress are eternal satellites of hackers.

China and DPRK are famous for using government-backed hacker groups aimed at stealing money from crypto-exchanges and individual investors.

Interestingly enough, in North Korea, they are by no means an elite. Hackers must meet high requirements but do not receive high salary.

Sometimes DPRK hacker groups get sent to South Korea where they work undercover and use anonymous Internet connections. Every day they risk being caught and put behind bars. One such group worked under the guise of freelance programmers, and their goal was to gain access to the biggest exchanges in order to steal money to support the DPRK regime. It’s an emerging factor that indicates to understand the privacy of Bitcoin on a deeper level.

The crypto-sphere looks completely different for those users who do not understand the work of the internal mechanisms of this industry. And the visible luxury that accompanies many project founders or Bitcoin holders is often based on the suffering of other people who have little choice on how to make a living.


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