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Marios Anapliotis, Co-Founder & COO at Bouquet

Marios's Bio:

Marios Anapliotis is an Investor / Executive Advisor and Co-Founder / COO of Bouquet.ai. Marios has 20+ years of experience in conceiving, engineering and introducing commercially successful products for business intelligence, artificial intelligence, billing and subscription management and online gaming. He fuels his passion for innovation by creating valuable IP and solutions that were once never thought possible.

Bouquet.ai is a pioneering startup in the BI industry. They combine artificial intelligence with business intelligence providing a conversational experience to query business data. They have built a groundbreaking product called Aris. Aris is an AI Analyst that every employee in a company, as well as company’s customers, can chat with in order to get instantly the insights they need. Using conversational analytics, Aris improves business decision making and sales efficiency by making access to KPIs, a fun, time efficient and insightful process. The team is a mix of entrepreneurs, product managers, data experts and developers who are on a mission: to change the status quo of data analytics, by introducing to the industry analytics powered by natural language conversations.


Presentation by Bouquet

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