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Jeremy Gardner, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Ausum Ventures, Chairman of the Blockchain Education Network, and Co-Founder of Augur

Jeremy's Bio:

While attending the University of Michigan, Jeremy founded the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), a global educational nonprofit, which today has over 400 chapters around the world. He then co-founded Augur, a decentralized prediction market platform, and led their ICO— the first ever on Ethereum and the first "utility token," $REP (market cap ~$600mil.) He most recently worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence and investor at Blockchain Capital, where he sourced over a half dozen investments and helped structure the firm's landmark security token ICO, $BCAP. Gardner also co-founded the GDPR compliance company, SAAVHA, and served as the founding editor of Distributed magazine. Today, Jeremy runs Ausum Ventures, a hybrid venture-hedge fund, and advises many Fortune 500s, as well as the EU Parliament on this emerging technology. He is often cited in the press surrounding blockchain technology.


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