Panelist - Rajesh Shakkarwar - Verient - Bio and Presentation


Rajesh Shakkarwar, President and CEO at Verient

Rajesh's Bio:

Rajesh is a visionary with a distinguished track record. He holds thirty-three issued and pending patents for his tokenization, security, payments and computing inventions. Rajesh's 30 years of diverse experience includes executive positions at Sun Microsystems and ATI technologies as well as senior positions in marketing and engineering at Intel and Opti. During his tenure at ATI and Sun, Rajesh created start-up business units and grew them from conception to $300 million and $500 million in revenues respectively.

Rajesh is revolutionizing the world of payments by combining modern technologies – cloud, mobile and distributed computing - with the existing payment infrastructure. His innovations include:

  • Tokenization
  • Automated, efficient business to business payments
  • Control of payments in real-time, anytime, anywhere
  • Customer-driven fraud prevention framework
  • Through his strategic thinking and exceptional execution, Rajesh also transformed the worldwide landscape of computing, gaming and the video industries.
  • Rajesh invented and evangelized Unified Memory Architecture in the early nineties. Today it is the backbone of over 70% of all computers shipped worldwide, and it is credited for the broad adoption of consumer gaming.
  • Rajesh is widely credited for the paradigm shift in enterprise computing to the high performing 64-bit architecture through the Sun-AMD alliance he envisioned and executed in 2003.
  • Rajesh chaired several DVD standards committees and played a key role in DVD standardization as well as its broad deployment.

A powerful speaker, Rajesh has delivered keynote and expert speeches at more than 25 major US and international industry conferences and has eleven publications.


Presentation from Verient



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