Panelist - Chris Sweis - Junowallet - Bio

Panelist - Chris Sweis - Junowallet - Bio

Chris Sweis, Investor and Team Airbitz Shareholder

Chris's Bio:

A startup veteran who has been involved in Bitcoin since 2012 and believes in the freedoms behind bitcoin and the blockchain. Has founded and exited multiple startups with the last being JunoWallet which had over 4MM registered users and was a top 4 app in the app store. Honored to be invited to the DCC top 30 people in bitcoin and a servant to all entrepreneurs with a dream. A shareholder in Airbitz and working with the team to deliver the killer app for bitcoin to become mainstream. Airbitz has strong tech and leadership that is impressive. Managing partner of Nvstor a seed stage only fund that allows individuals to invest into startups utilizing Title III from the Jobs Act.

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