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Charles Purvis, Solution Leader, Sales Effectiveness Solutions at Maritz Motivation, Inc.

Charles' Bio:


Charles has been generating exceptional results for his clients for over thirty years, whether in Publishing/Online media, Channel Loyalty and Direct Sales Incentives, or Employee Engagement. In his early career, Charles was Associate Publisher of Computer Shopper magazine, which you may remember as the pre-internet, phonebook-sized magazine that weighed as much as five pounds at the newsstand.

In 2003, Charles joined Maritz, and most recently served as the Solution Director for Sales Effectiveness. Under his leadership, Maritz Motivation secured relationships with a record number of new clients, including two clients in the Commercial Loyalty space.

Charles is a Certified Master Designer, steeped in the neuroscience of behavioral change and performance improvement, and recently founded Persuasion/Design, a Sales, Loyalty, and Strategy consulting business. His wife, Candy, works at the Federal Reserve, and they have two daughters, Emily and Hannah. Also, two cats, Lily and, um, what’s-her-name.



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