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NoPassword offers the next generation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that substitute passwords with Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication (H2MFA). Instead of using static passwords, NoPassword uses local biometric authentication (Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Iris and Behavior) on the user’s smartphone then extracts hidden features from the phone, without interrupting the user. NoPassword Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven authentication also offers adaptive and contextual authentication for continuously authenticated the user based on behavior, risk based, and granular access management. NoPassword does not store any credentials (passwords or biometrics) on a centralized database nor requires users to manually enter credentials. This means there are no servers with passwords or biometrics for remote cyber attackers to steal millions of users’ credentials. Since users don’t need to manually enter credentials, NoPassword eliminates attacks, such as phishing, social engineering and key-loggers, which primarily target passwords.




  Presentation Video by NoPassword

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