Mark Hartley-Latest trends in FinTech-APIzation- June 23, 2015-London

Mark Hartley, VP Strategic Investments at FIS

Mark's Bio:

Mark Hartley has been instrumental in developing Clear2pay's vision around Payment Hubs, a vision that was conceived as early as 2003 and is now shared by several leading analysts. He has been directly involved in a number of the sales of Clear2Pay’s Open Payment Framework at several key clients. In his role as Chief Innovation Officer, he was responsible for the payments innovation across the entire transaction value chain following industry, technology, behavioural and regulatory developments and in order to carve out new business propositions and technology for financial services companies that want to embrace their customers the 21st century way. As of November 2 2014, Clear2Pay is wholly owned by FIS, where he continues this work as VP Strategic Investments.

Mark's Presentation:

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