Bankinter launched "bonds training" an online game to invest in fixed income securities

Bankinter has just launched "Bonds Training", a free online game that allows users to simulate the purchase and sale of fixed income securities. The game has been developed by the catalan company Blinzy Studios.


bond training bankinter

The game, available on Apple Store and on the Bankinter Facebook page, allows players to invest 100,000 euros in bonds for five years in various shell companies, from utilities to cement, airlines or firms highways. The bonds' prices vary depending on the market and company results.

The app offers a real-time ranking leaderboard of the top brokers and three prizes (150 euros) will be drawn every two weeks. Users have also the possibility to compete with friends to see who gets the best score. 

Bankinter is entering the gamification space providing a creative way to educate users about investment basics .

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