8 Smart and Easy Tips for First-Time Investors

8 Smart and Easy Tips for First-Time Investors


Investing wisely can help people in various ways. Perhaps you want to invest now so that you can live life to the fullest in your retirement years, or perhaps you are considering repaying your mortgage early.

A good investment plan can pay for your children's university fees too! And it also is a good way for people with limited mobility to make profits. Having to use a wheelchair or folding scooter won't hinder your ability to make more money if you consider investing it!

There’s nothing to be worried about investing money; investing is easy when done right. So don't be bothered if you know nothing about investing! Here are a few easy and smart tips to help you get started.

 Find a Trustworthy Partner

As an investor, picking your partner or brokerage company will be the most important choice you'll make. Choosing the right partner will have a huge impact on the type of investments you'll be able to make, the returns you'll get, and the fees that you'll have to pay.

As you are new to all this, you'll have to take your pick carefully; you don't want a broker to take undue advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Start by researching the different options available. Use the internet to look up the brokers online and read customer reviews and testimonials. You can also rely on word-of-mouth reviews; ask relatives, friends, or colleagues who have invested previously for their views.

Once you note down a few names you'd like to invest with, call them up or pay them a visit. If you have limited mobility and need to use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, do ask them on the phone if their office is equipped for the same.

For your first investment, select a broker who won't charge you a lot of fees. Further, you can select your broker considering the investment types he offers.

Remember that very few brokers will make things easy enough for a first-time investor to understand. So read on!


Nobody knows your needs better than yourself. So before investing your money, take the time to think of how much money you are willing to invest. You'll also need to consider what your goals are and how much time you can give yourself for the goals to be met.

Thinking these things through will help you choose your investment option. For example, cash savings are appropriate for short-term goals of less than five years and investing would be a feasible option for those looking for a long-term investment.

Additionally, you'll also need to think of your attitude to risk. Are you willing to invest in riskier assets to gain significant profits in a short span of time? Or would you rather stick to safer options and not risk losing your wealth? Answering these questions will help you choose the right path.

Start Easy

You're new to investing so it's best to start your journey with something very basic or that you understand well. Don't assume that buying individual stocks is the only way to make real money. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are just as great and easy to grasp concepts.

Invest in something that you understand will help you determine a company's true worth and help you remain calm during a crash.

Consider Safer Stocks

Consumer staples stocks are perceived to be safer than the overall market. That's because even in tough times, people will always need food, clothing, and medical supplies. Note that you won't see big gains by investing in less volatile stocks, but if you're unsure of the markets, following a low-risk strategy will prevent you from huge losses.

Moreover, by investing in less volatile stocks, you'll get the much needed exposure to stocks with promising long-term prospects.

Don’t Invest Everything in One Place

Putting all your eggs in one basket can be very risky. Invest your hard-earned money into different asset classes, companies, or global markets. This way, if one company tanks, you won't risk losing it all.

And at the Same Time

Investing all your money at one go can prove to be a huge mistake. You can never pick the perfect time to invest, so instead of investing a lump of money at one go, drip-feed your money on a regular basis- once a month or so, depending on your preference.

By investing money little by little, you would be able to buy more shares at cheaper prices and fewer shares when the market is rising. This method is known as pound-cost averaging and can improve the chances of maximizing your returns.

Avoid Falling for Trends

Remember to not follow the crowd. This may be difficult as public opinion can make an impact on us, but going with the herd will not yield positive results.

Additionally, many facts that you may come across from people you know or financial media may lead you to make expensive mistakes. So don't be influenced by trends.


Save Money

While this sounds simple enough, many people fail to act on this. Realize that spending less money is equal to building wealth. Try to spend less money than you earn and focus on increasing the gap between your earnings and spending.

Consider switching jobs, getting an appraisal, working more hours, or whatever it takes to earn more money. At the same time, live frugally as much as you can to reduce your spending.


Armed with these easy tips, you’re sure to make a good investment. So don’t wait anymore, now is the time to invest!

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