Cartes Mobile Payment Ecosystem Day - May 14, 2014 - Las Vegas, NV

This blog is to present Roberto Suarez Coldwell, Head of Sales and Business Development - Multibisne, and Miguel Curtis Kelley Guild, Co-CEO Akii, (see bio below). 

At Cartes Mobile Payment Ecosystem day, May 14 Las Vegas, their session was Building a National Network with Hundreds of Microecosystem and Hundreds of Thousands of Multibank Agencies (Virtual Branches).


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Roberto  Suarez Coldwell        Head of Sales and Business Development            Multibisne
Multibisne focuses on the base-of-the- pyramid and manages electronic wallets for mom-and-pop shops, enabling them to perform various transactions through mobile technology. With an agent network of 18,000 independent stores, its sales force and proprietary platform allows to provide multiple services and the flexibility to connect with many service providers. The portfolio includes bill payment, air-time top-up, insurance, payphone service, remittances and card payments. Roberto previously led DuPont’s Marketing and Sales Effectiveness initiative in Latin America. Also held Business Development and Engineering positions in the consumer packaged goods industry. Roberto holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Business
Miguel Curtis Kelley Guild                                Co-CEO                                       Akii
Miguel Kelley has been an agent of change throughout his 4 decades in the systems market. In the ‘70s, when application developers led the migration from timesharing to minicomputers, Miguel was first a Wang ISV installing GBS (single user), and then joined Wang’s R&D organization as architect and development manager for GBS (multiuser), an ERP solution for the manufacturing and distribution market. In the early 80s, Miguel’s team in Wang developed the first core banking system built on a distributed processing architecture, with a heterogeneous transaction switch and the first teller terminal with image management capabilities. In the late ´80s, Miguel was Area Director for Wang Latin America and Caribbean, and in the ‘90s was Area Director for Sun Microsystems Interamerica; in both roles, he outperformed other regions in growth and in regional market share. Miguel joined Silicon Image (inventors of DVI and HDMI) in 1999, and joined the storage industry Working Group that developed the SATA standard. Subsequently, as General Manager of the Storage Division and co-inventor of the “through-board PCB Edge Connector” (US patent 6814583), Miguel and his team (under contract with EMC) brought the industry’s first SATA RAID solution to market. Miguel returned to his home country (Mexico) and in 2007 was invited to lead and manage the “turn-around” of Subtech, the Mexico subsidiary of Sub1, an Argentina-based payments processor. By doubling revenue in the first year, Subtech became a profitable firm and in early 2010, Miguel and Dulce Maria Cruz purchased the firm. In 2009, Miguel and Dulce founded SF Systems to develop the mobile POS market in Mexico. Miguel is currently the Managing Director and majority shareholder in Subtech and SF Systems. Miguel graduated from Andrews University in 1968 with a triple major in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and a minor in Business. Miguel holds an MS in Nuclear Chemistry from UC Berkeley.