The BayPay Forum opens a new Jobs Section

With all the Innovation going on in Payments and Commerce, we receive many requests for payment experts. We thought it could be useful to open a new section on our website to avoid being a bottleneck and help people get connected faster.

You can now add your open positions here if they are related to payments, mobile, internet and commerce in general. This service is free of charge and we hope it will be useful for recruiters and candidates alike.

If this free service proves successful, we will invest more resources in the future but we are starting with a simple section for now.

To avoid spam, you need to be registered (free also). If you have ideas on how to improve this section you can directly comment this post and I will receive automatically your remarks in my mailbox (feature available for the press release section and the Opinions section).

You can also subscribe to this section and you will receive automatically new job positions posted here. You can also suscribe in rss. All this is in beta so if you see errors or have problems, let us know.