Vodacom Tanzania, DSTV launch MyDStv app on M-Pesa

Vodacom Tanzania has partnered with DSTV Tanzania to enable DSTV customers to access the MyDStv app within the M-Pesa app

Vodacom Tanzania has partnered with DSTV Tanzania to enable DSTV customers to access the MyDStv app within the M-Pesa app. Following this announcement, DSTV customers will have the option of accessing and benefiting from the company’s services and offerings through an additional channel.

The M-Pesa app was created with the goal of simplifying how customers perform day-to-day transaction by improving the user experience and empowering them to do more through their smartphone. Looking to become a super app, the company is working on further enhancing the experience and connecting to customers at different stages of their financial lifestyle, aiming to make the M-Pesa app and ecosystem similar to the Google Play store or App Store, where other apps can integrate and operate. Having this in mind, Vodacom built a framework that enables partners to develop mini applications that are relevant and cater to the customers’ day-to-day needs, be those sports and entertainment, e-commerce, ticketing, travel and accommodation, or credit and savings, and in return gain access to one of the country’s largest consumer bases.

Speaking on the launch, M-Pesa company representatives have stated that the partnership is beneficiary for both M-Pesa and DSTV customers, as they are enabled to take control of their DStv services through the M-Pesa app. Additionally, the launch of this first of its kind offering marks a milestone in Vodacom’s mission of digitising Tanzania and changing lives though technological means. DSTV officials have advised that the collaboration with Vodacom M-Pesa brings a variety of advantages to their customers, as they are enabled not only to manage their DStv subscription though the M-Pesa app, but to also upgrade their packages, fix errors, and even watch live content through the M-Pesa App as they do premium DSTV content.

Following this partnership, more than 400 thousand M-Pesa app users are enabled to enjoy premium content from DStv and to take charge of their viewing in one app. Vodacom Tanzania, M-Pesa information Vodacom Tanzania is a mobile operator and mobile financial services provider that offers a wide range of communication services for consumers and enterprises alike, including voice, data and messaging, video, cloud and hosting, mobile solutions, and financial services to more than 14. 1 million customers.

Vodacom Tanzania and its subsidiary companies are part of the Vodacom Group registered in South Africa, which is in turn owned by Vodacom Group in the UK. Vodacom M-Pesa is Tanzania's largest mobile financial service which was launched in 2008 by Vodacom Tanzania. GSMA certified and with more than 8 million customers, M-Pesa contributes significantly towards financial inclusion and economic activity in the country, with customers depositing and withdrawing money from their M-Pesa wallets through over 106,000 agents across the country.

Connecting businesses, banks, and government agencies, the M-Pesa ecosystem makes digital payments possible and rolls out financial services of the likes of savings and loans, virtual debit cards, overdraft services, group savings, and e-payments amongst others, looking to address the needs of Tanzanians and enhance financial inclusion. .

Nov 21, 2022 14:36
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