Shift4 launches online payments platform

US-based payment service provider Shift4 has launched an online payments platform with advanced developer tools for ecommerce businesses' support

US-based payment service provider Shift4 has launched an online payments platform with advanced developer tools for ecommerce businesses’ support. Through Shift4’s new online payments platform businesses are enabled to create in an easy manner a customisable checkout form that can be embedded on any page of a website by using a minimal number of lines of code.

The form features an UI that is intuitive and mobile-friendly and supports 24 languages, over 160 currencies, and all the main card types. Additionally, it underpins a diverse range of payment scenarios, including one-time payments, recurring payments and subscriptions, hybrid billing models with both one-time fees and subscription costs, as well as variable billing for business models such as pay-per-use or pay-per-user. Furthermore, the platform includes smart anti-fraud tools aimed at helping with the prevention of fraudulent transactions and protection of businesses from chargebacks.

Speaking on the launch, company officials have stated in their press release that the online payments platform was designed to deliver a solution for supporting ecommerce merchants globally, irrespective of how large or complex they are. Built by developers for developers, the platform enables web and mobile payments with an easy and flexible integration, management tools, as well as an increased level of security. Developers are provided will all the necessary tools for implementing an online payment solution, including a customisable API, reliable SDKs, and extensive support resources.

Additionally, the platform features a sandbox mode that enables developers to test the API and the entirety of the payment process from the perspective of the customer. Recent Shift4 developments In September 2022, the company launched SkyTab POS, a point-of-sale system targeting restaurants and food businesses. The solution uses Android-based software and includes features for online ordering and reservations, marketing tools and loyalty programmes, as well as mobile devices for tableside ordering and payments.

In March 2022, Shift4 announced the acquisition of Finaro, a cross-border payment provider, in a deal worth USD 575 million. As part of the acquisition, Finaro provided the global infrastructure and technology required for driving Shift4’s international ambitions in delivering a unified commerce experience. Through the integration of Finaro’s capabilities, the company was looking to expand its services globally; with Shift4 having had at the time over 425 software integrations and more than 200,000 merchant customers with a multinational presence, the acquisition was believed to help unlock international opportunities.

Shift4 aims to redefine commerce by simplifying complex payment ecosystems all over the world, powering billion on transactions on an annual basis for thousands of businesses irrespective of the industry they’re in. .

Nov 11, 2022 13:10
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