Payments comparison website for merchants goes live

A new, industry-first comparison website has launched to provide increased transparency for merchants when choosing a payment provider.

Operated by a leading white label payments fintech, Modern World Business Solutions, The Payments Market is the UK’s only comparison website that effectively compares merchant services, to provide a transparent and secure experience for merchants when it comes to selecting their next payment provider.

Partnered with leading acquirers Elavon, AIB, Cashflows, Trust Payments, emerchantpay, Worldpay and many others, unlike other comparison websites, The Payments Market does not aggregate merchants’ data to third party providers.

This means data is kept secure, while merchants are offered real time prices, as well as being able to add their current rates and transaction profiles to see how payment packages will save them money.

Warren Whitfield, CEO and founder of The Payments Market and Modern World Business Solutions, explained: “With Global digital payments expected to reach almost US$15 trillion by 2027, there is such a wide array of payment options available that, for merchants, choosing the best provider can be an overwhelming process.

“We’ve launched The Payments Market to make it as simple as possible for businesses to find the right fit for their merchant services requirements, providing transparent pricing from a panel of the UK’s favourite acquiring banks.

“Many merchants sign up to a payment provider without truly understanding the fees they are paying on transactions. Our goal is to make it straightforward for merchants to choose and access the payment processing services they need to efficiently and securely process electronic payments from their customers, whilst avoiding hidden fees and opaque pricing.

“Our platform is unique in that, once a user has selected their chosen payment provider, it seamlessly directs them to a secure online application, streamlining and speeding up the entire process and making it totally unique to any other comparison site on the market.”

By on Tue, 26 Sep 2023 13:29:00 GMT
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