Thales empowers crime-solving with biometric solutions

France-based Thales has introduced the Evidence and Investigation Suite, an advanced biometric identification solution designed for law enforcement

France-based Thales has introduced the Evidence and Investigation Suite, an advanced biometric identification solution designed for law enforcement. This offering includes cloud-based tools and compact multimodal biometric devices, adding to crime-solving and investigations.

Additionally, a versatile mobile application equips frontline personnel with a suitable biometric solution for on-field forensic investigations. Thales has a proven track record in assisting investigation professionals with biometric traits analysis. The Evidence and Investigation Suite builds upon this expertise, providing a NIST-ranked solution that prioritises precision, customisation, and scalability.

This suite focuses on remote accessibility and mobility, providing security forces with flexibility and hopefully improved outcomes. With urbanisation increasing, the need for better public security technology is evident. Thales' suite addresses this need, looking to cater to security forces' time constraints and flexibility requirements.

It enhances field operations by offering investigators remote access to professional tools via their mobile phones. Luc Tombal, Public Security Solutions Director at Thales, highlights the importance of time in fighting crime. The suite's development involved experts with extensive field knowledge to meet these demands.

Thales' solution includes portable devices capable of capturing biometric data like facial and iris images, finger- and palmprints. It also provides secure data storage and processing tools for forensic teams during investigations. With over 30 years of biometrics expertise, Thales supports security forces in making crucial decisions in their fight against crime.

The ultra-mobile multifunction application simplifies procedures, providing investigators with a biometric forensic lab at their fingertips. This approach ensures quick access to information, expediting criminal case resolutions compared to traditional processes. Sealing security breaches Thales’ 2023 report highlights a notable increase in ransomware attacks and heightened data risks within cloud environments.

Transitioning to digital platforms exposes vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. The report finds out that approximately 47% of surveyed IT professionals believe that security threats are on the rise in terms of volume or severity, with 48% noting an uptick in ransomware attacks. More than a third (37%) have encountered a data breach within the last year, including 22% reporting their organisations falling victim to ransomware attacks.

Survey participants identified their cloud assets as primary targets for cyber attacks. Around 28% identified SaaS apps and cloud-based storage as major targets, followed by cloud-hosted applications (26%), and cloud infrastructure management (25%). The surge in cloud-based exploitation and attacks can be attributed to the increasing migration of workloads to the cloud.

As per the respondents, 75% stated that 40% of cloud-stored data is now classified as sensitive, in contrast to 49% in 2022. These are just a few of the key insights unveiled in the 2023 Thales Data Threat Report, conducted by 451 Research. This survey encompassed both private and public sector organisations, shedding light on how businesses are adapting their data security strategies and practices in response to an evolving threat landscape and their efforts to address these challenges.


Aug 22, 2023 11:01
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