IDEX Biometrics payment card solution gets full Mastercard certification

Norway-based IDEX Biometrics has completed the full Mastercard certification and received a Conformity Compliance Statement (CCS) for its Payment Card solution

Norway-based IDEX Biometrics has completed the full Mastercard certification and received a Conformity Compliance Statement (CCS) for its Payment Card solution. The IDEX Biometrics payment card solution has successfully completed Mastercard’s Compliance Assessment and Security Testing (CAST).

This is the final Mastercard certification step and follows the previously announced FTAS certification of the sensor performance. Smartcard manufacturers can now fully leverage this certification for their Letters of Approval (LoA) without having to complete compliance tests on their own, significantly reducing development cost and time to market. The complete and certified biometric card solution includes the IDEX biometric sensor, a Linxens EMV module including Infineon’s SLC38B secure element, card inlay with antenna, and the IDEX card operating system with payment applets.

Biometric payment cards built on the IDEX Biometrics payment card solution will provide seamless payment experiences for consumers around the world. Increased demand for biometric cards More than 15 global and regional card manufacturers and resellers have already selected the IDEX Biometrics certified payment card solution, as they respond to the increasing demand from banks and fintechs for biometric payment cards. Infineon, a partner of the Norway-based fintech, is pleased to witness their collaborator, IDEX Biometrics, introducing a biometric payment card solution to the market.

This solution incorporates Infineon's advanced secure element, SLC38B, which caters to the rising demand for secure and convenient payment methods. With its RF capabilities, expanded interfaces, and computational prowess, SLC38B aligns with the requirements of biometric smart cards, ensuring smooth user interactions. Infineon remains dedicated to catering to the evolving biometric payment market by delivering customised products and systems in collaboration with their partners.

Commenting on this development, Vince Graziani, CEO at IDEX Biometrics, said this is a significant accomplishment for IDEX Biometrics and their partners, Infineon and Linxens. Together they are bringing to market a modern biometric solution to card manufacturers, issuers, and banks, featuring the highest levels of user experience and functionality. They expect accelerated growth as these cards built on IDEX certified payment solution reach the market in the fourth quarter of 2023.

What does IDEX Biometrics do? IDEX Biometrics technology provider of fingerprint biometrics, offering authentication solutions across payments, access control, and digital identity. Their solutions bring convenience, security, peace of mind, and seamless user experiences to the world. Built on patented and proprietary sensor technologies, integrated circuit designs, and software, the company’s biometric solutions target card-based applications for payments and digital authentication.

As an industry-enabler they partner with leading card manufacturers and technology companies to bring their solutions to market. .

Aug 31, 2023 10:35
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