enhances authentication process to boost payment performance

Cloud-based payments service provider Checkout

Cloud-based payments service provider Checkout. com has announced new updates to its Authentication process that aims to help merchants fight fraud and optimise their revenues, with a series of products that will allow them to rapidly navigate through an evolving environment.

The new updates will enable merchants to take control over their payment authentication strategy and meet all regulatory demands, as the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) process evolves. According to data provided by the company, a quarter of the ecommerce companies across the world experience rises in fraud and chargebacks, resulting in a fragmented customer experience and the loss of revenues due to higher cart abandonment rates. Adding the challenges that come as the European SCA regulatory requirements change, overall, customers find it more difficult to use online payments and adapt to anti-fraud paths created by merchants and sellers.

What can the company’s new authentication solution offer? Taking control over the authentication process of their customers represents a step forward for merchants using the latest solution provided by Checkout. com. By using it, merchants can deploy dynamic machine-learning (ML) authentication strategies and implement a safer, smoother, seamless authentication process on their ecommerce platforms.

Moreover, Checkout. com aims to continue to develop new ways to benefit the broader payments ecosystem to serve as pragmatic payment partners for merchants and provide further support to help them expand their ecommerce businesses and gain more revenue. The latest updates to the Authentication solution are part of Checkout.

com’s organic expansion of its revenue optimisation services. The solution offers merchants more options, regardless of their size and take on the payments ecosystem. From plug-and-play integrations to fully customisable options that help them centralise all authentication traffic globally, merchants can choose from various services, according to their needs.

Checkout. com acquires ubble Part of the latest changes made by the company come in the light of acquiring verification startup ubble, which has completed its regulatory approval. Through this deal, Checkout.

com aims to continue unlocking value for its customers across the entire payments ecosystem and drive enhanced business performance, as well as better customer experience. According to company’s officials, identity verification will become crucial for not only preventing fraud but also for protecting merchants and customers as the digital economy continues to enlarge. A stronger authentication process shouldn’t mean more time spent as a client going through additional layers of security but should provide a seamless experience with maximum security.

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Aug 18, 2022 10:33
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