Treasury Prime partners with Astra

Embedded banking software company Treasury Prime has partnered with Astra to enable real-time payments to customers

Embedded banking software company Treasury Prime has partnered with Astra to enable real-time payments to customers. Through this collaboration, Treasury Prime’s customers have access to instant account funding and disbursements via push-to-card capabilities.

With this, clients can offer their end-users faster and more efficient funding options while improving their customer experiences by facilitating swift account funding. The partnership’s offering By combining the speed, accessibility, and efficiency of Astra’s transfer technology with Treasury Prime’s embedded finance marketplace, the two companies aim to improve the way businesses and end users conduct transactions. According to officials, instant payment technology represents the future of financial transactions, providing instant access to funds with increased efficiency, security, and convenience.

The companies’ objective is to create a more dynamic and connected financial landscape, as well as to support expansion and foster financial inclusion. Treasury Prime’s past developments By leveraging its APIs and versatile embedded banking products, Treasury Prime supports banks and enterprise partners in innovating, adapting, growing, and scaling their businesses in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace. The company offers a range of services, including money transfers, risk mitigation, and access to a chartered bank’s infrastructure. Recently, Treasury Prime entered multiple partnerships, including one with Liberty Bank in August 2023.

The collaboration aims to provide fintech end-users with digital banking products and solutions. More specifically, Liberty Bank works with businesses and companies that are members of the Treasury Prime platform to create new channels for end customers, therefore enabling them to interact and use the bank’s comprehensive suite of financial solutions. Moreover, at the end of July 2023, Treasury Prime partnered with Academy Bank to deliver embedded finance services to its customers. The collaboration’s main objective is to offer businesses simple access to Academy Bank’s deposit services, allowing them to provide FDIC-insured accounts to their clients while adhering to regulatory requirements. In June 2023, Treasury Prime entered a collaboration with, aiming to improve enterprise payment solutions.

The two companies want to support new payment solutions by launching several new initiatives, including a product that allows end-users to fund their accounts using their debit card credentials. About Astra Astra provides financial institutions, fintechs, and enterprises with bank-to-bank transfer technology, using its proprietary, vertically integrated API that allows developers to embed financial automation within their existing products. At the end of August 2023, Astra entered a partnership with Plaid to provide customers with instant authenticated payments via Plaid Identity Verification. As of the announcement, customers can access a unified service that was designed for securely embedding instant payments and transfers into fintech products. Moreover, in July 2023, Moves, a banking app for gig workers, partnered with Astra to offer real-time transfers using Visa Direct.

The collaboration allows Moves to offer its customers the ability to send and receive money in real-time, providing improved flexibility and control over their finances. .

Sep 18, 2023 14:45
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