AmEx launches cash flow management hub

Global card issuer and payments processor American Express (AmEx) has recently launched its Business Blueprint cashflow management designed specifically for small businesses

Global card issuer and payments processor American Express (AmEx) has recently launched its Business Blueprint cashflow management designed specifically for small businesses. The hub provides instant access to cash flow insights, digital financial products, as well as an easy way to reach and manage a merchant’s Business Cards.

About the Business Blueprint service The Business Blueprint service was built using the Kabbage platform, which AmEx acquired in 2020, as part of its global expansion strategy regarding small business offerings, beyond its business  cards. The new service provided by AmEx allows any small business in the US to access personalised cash flow insights to determine smarter financial inclusions, free of cost. At the same time, SMEs can access applications to select different financial products, including new lines of credit, and use the products, once approved, to efficiently manage their cash flows and scale their businesses.

By launching Business Blueprint, US-based card issuer AmEx aims to become a one-stop shop for small businesses’ financial needs, helping them to make payments, get paid, and access working capital, which is crucial for their further development, especially in a post-pandemic era with spikes in inflation rates and economic uncertainties. The company has a long history of supporting SMEs to meet their consumers’ ever-changing needs, as the main business credit card issuer in the US. Embedded payments is the future for SMEs According to a company’s recent survey which analysed the responses of 1,100 US SMEs, 82% of entrepreneurs claimed a cash flow management hub would be beneficial for their operations, saving time when running their business.

72% of the respondents agreed that an embedded payments hub will help them become more efficient, while 50% also mentioned increased profitability. The Business Blueprint hub will not only help entrepreneurs manage their cash flows, but will also allow them to easily and securely take a loan, pay bills and vendors, send wires, check their bank account balance, make mobile check deposits, accept new card payments, and more. Historically, SMEs have been underserved in the US, with many small business owners claiming it was nearly impossible for them to get loans to scale their organisations.

Smart, simple financial management tools were also lacking, which put additional strains on owners and forced them to spend time to handle their cash flow. AmEx’s Business Blueprint solution provides a hassle-free alternative through its embedded payments platform, helping SMEs, if eligible, to apply for selected digital products, including a line of credit for flexible business loans or a digital business checking account with 1. 30% APY on balances up to USD 500,000, with the ability of earning Membership Rewards.

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Feb 02, 2023 14:07
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