DHLink, Shopline to simplify cross-border logistics

DHLink , the smart logistics subsidiary of DHGate Group , has partnered with smart commerce platform Shopline to simplify cross-border ecommerce logistics

DHLink , the smart logistics subsidiary of DHGate Group , has partnered with smart commerce platform Shopline to simplify cross-border ecommerce logistics. Through this collaboration, the two institutions aim to simplify the logistics process, eliminate connection problems, and enhance transport efficiency by leveraging the advantages associated with mail channels, warehousing, and freight transportation on both sides.

The partnership’s context and the companies’ product offering Following the cross-border ecommerce industry’s rapid development, merchants are looking to place more emphasis on the local market, however, as the world moves towards globalisation, these opportunities present risks. To optimise business efficiency, provide value-added services, and improve the overall consumer experiences, it is necessary to have a practical and effective last-mile solution. For merchants’ branding, it is believed essential to enable consumers to experience a high-quality, one-step logistics service, and the unfolding of new models of the likes of the DTC ecommerce website gives cross-border merchants increased possibilities.

An affiliate of the DHGate Group, DHLink was founded in 2014 and it is a comprehensive cross-border logistics business unit that offers end-to-end supply chain solutions, warehouse services, and customised services for DHgate customers and other stakeholders. The company leverages technologies of the likes of AI, cloud computing, big data, and IoT to integrate warehousing and distribution, cross-border multimodal transportation, and destination country distribution, amongst other services, looking to provide one-stop, comprehensive solutions for ecommerce platforms and independent merchants alike. DHLink is currently aiming to build an online and offline smart logistics ecosystem and, as of now, the company serves 223 countries and regions around the world, having over 100 international logistical routes and more than 10 global warehouses.

Shopline is looking to construct a full-link smart logistics system, offering four ONE ecological products that can provide global merchants and consumers professional and reliable smart logistical products and services to help throughout the entire process of ‘collecting, working, clearing, warehousing, and distributing’. The four products, as listed below, play a vital role in the company’s ecosystem, being actively involved in helping global merchants solve logistical problems and improve operational efficiency: OnePost, a one-stop cross-border direct mail logistics service; OneCargo, a one-stop cross-cargo; OneShip, an ecommerce fulfilment solution; And OneWarehouse, a one-stop warehousing solution. The DHLink and Shopline collaboration not only helps bring higher-quality services and a broader selection of products for independent ecommerce sellers, but also contributes to the logistics commitments of Chinese brands to overseas consumers.

By having an exchange and cooperation of resources and technologies, a joint effort can be made, directed at an upgrade of the level of operations, an improvement of digital logistic services, and promotion of innovation and evolution of the cross-border logistics industry. The current state of the cross-border ecommerce market As of now, the global trade is still affected by the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the first instance, the uncertainty and complexity regarding cross-border logistics have been aggravated because of disconnected global supply chains and increased shipping prices, thus revealing challenges in the logistics sector that are inevitable.

Concomitantly, with the cross-border ecommerce industry penetration rate being in ascension, consumers have increasingly stringent requirements when it comes to logistics services. As per information provided in the press release, according to ABComm, transportation expenses can influence an approximate of up to 90% of decisions in online purchasing. Furthermore, most consumers have the expectation of receiving their products within a day of purchasing it.

  Going forward, the cross-border logistics sector is thought to be required to develop not only solutions that are stable and efficient, but also to move in a direction of increased control and predictability. .

Nov 28, 2022 13:30
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