Some NFT owners have access to exclusive Spotify playlists

Music streaming service Spotify has launched a limited pilot test that enables NFT owners to access exclusive playlists

Music streaming service Spotify has launched a limited pilot test that enables NFT owners to access exclusive playlists. In essence, the company has put together a series of locked playlists that can only be accessed by users who own a non-fungible token.

The pilot test includes the participation of organisations such as Fluf, Moonbirds, and Overlord, as well as the band Kingship. It’s worth noting that only Android users have access to this experiment, possibly due to Apple’s decision to limit NFT uses on iOS in October 2022. According to Yahoo, Spotify officials revealed that the company conducts these kinds of tests on a regular basis.

Some of these tests can result in product improvements while others end up solely serving lessons. Moreover, the company has not issued an official statement regarding the future of this NFT pilot. Spotify could use NFTs to form partnerships where it could encourage listening, as well as sales of partners' NFTs by placing music selections behind paywalls.

In October 2022, Engadget reported that Spotify artists would be able to use their profile pages to promote NFTs alongside concert dates and merchandise. The feature was part of a test for NFT galleries and was available to a select group of US users on Android. It also involved the participation of Steve Aoki.

Other Spotify developments According to Engadget, in January 2023, Spotify announced that it would be laying off 6% of its workforce as part of a company restructuring process. The company didn’t provide an exact number for how many people would lose their jobs, but company officials cited by the same source did reveal that Spotify is fundamentally changing how it operates at the top. On average, Spotify will provide 5 months of severance to employees, as well as accrued and unused vacation time, healthcare during the severance period, immigration support, and career support.

Most of Spotify's employees are based in the US, but the company also employs people in Sweden and the UK. In March 2022,  Spotify has announced a multiyear agreement with Google to introduce user choice billing for its users. As part of this collaboration, users who have downloaded Spotify from the Google Play Store were presented with a choice to pay with either Spotify’s payment system or with Google Play Billing.

According to the company press release, Spotify continued to communicate with users about their Premium subscription service, promoted discounts and promotions, and gave Free tier listeners the ability to convert to Premium directly in the app. .

Feb 24, 2023 11:45
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