Rambus and Infineon Technologies collaborate on smart ticketing for transport

May 30, 2019

Rambus Inc. has entered an agreement with semiconductor-maker Infineon Technologies AG to collaborate on smart ticketing technologies for mobile devices and smart cards, a press release said.

The technology is to be based on Ciperse, an open standard for mobile transport ticketing. Ciperse is supported by members of the OSPT Alliance, an international group of companies and other organizations working to develop an interoperable framework for smart ticketing across various transit systems. Rambus and Infineon are board members of the alliance. 

Rambus will provide a host card emulation ticket wallet service, as well as remote ticket download, which will allow travelers to download tickets from home. The technologies enable secure downloading of tickets onto smartphones.

"Through our collaboration with Infineon, we will be able to increase global trust and awareness of the benefits of this open standard approach, which can help make public transport ticketing more accessible for all transport scenarios, whether passengers are on rail, bus or ferry," Russell McCullagh, vice president and general manager of Rambus Ticketing, said in the release.

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