Podcast episode 14: Switch CEO discusses automating payment card data

Jan. 11, 2019 | by David Jones

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Podcast Timeline and Summary

Summary - Host David Jones, discusses automating payment card data, and how it protects cardholders and merchants with Switch CEO, Chris Hopen. 


Podcast Timeline

Interview with Chris Hopen - CEO of Switch

(1:20 - 2:47) - David and Chris discuss helping merchants and card users with automating technology called "autonomous browsing", providing browsers the capability to have portability of their payment profiles and methods.

(2:52 - 4:47) - David asks Chris why card users and merchants would be interested in utilizing Switch's technology. Chris talks about the pain points for card holders, and how the technology helps users keep their payment information updated across lots of different places.

(4:48 - 8:11) - David asks about breaches and the pains of updating data with a new card. Chris talks about the timeline of getting issued new cards, how Switch's technology helps with the speed of updating the new card information.

(8:12 - 9:31) - David and Chris discuss how merchants fit into the new technology. Chris explains how they are creating winning situations for merchants, and how abandoned earnings have affected merchants. He specifically talks about Netflix, and missed earnings due to replacement cards and users not updating their card information.

(9:32 - 12:42) - David asks Chris about data breaches, and how Switch fits into those scenarios. Chris talks about use cases, and how these specific circumstances are handled.

(12:43 - 14:33) - David and Chris talk about the competition. Chris lists ways they've differentiated from other competitors. He also talks how there are few companies who specifically alleviate card user burden like Switch.

(14:34 - 16:50) - David asks about mobile applications and how Switch is affected by these applications. Chris explains how Switch works with mobile solutions, and provides Amazon as an example.

(19:43 - End) - David and Chris discuss data privacy, firewalls, and how Switch ensures users that they are protecting their data. Chris breaks down how they enable various browser security measures, and exceed many industry standards.

Topics: Podcasts, Security, Technology Providers

David Jones

David Jones is a veteran business and technology journalist, with three decades of experience writing about business travel, real estate and technology.

Since 2015 he covered a range of technology stories for the ECT News Network, which includes the E-Commerce Times, TechNewsWorld, LinuxInsider and CRM Buyer, writing about cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, open source computing and privacy issues among others,. He recently covered FinTech issues for PYMNTS.com.

He worked as a staff writer for Bloomberg Business News and an online reporter for Crain’s New York Business. He has written for numerous media organizations, including Reuters, The New York Times, The Real Deal, Continental, City Limits and The Nation.

He was previously awarded the George Washington Williams Fellowship for Journalists of Color by the Independent Press Association.

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