Arkansas credit union taps Popio Mobile Video for on-the-go member service

May 30, 2019

POPio Mobile Video, an interactive mobile video banking solution, will enable face-to-face video collaboration for 7,200 members of River Valley Community Federal Credit Union, an Arkansas-based financial institution with $44 million in assets and two branches, according to a press release.

"With POPi/o, River Valley can be in each member's back pocket, its experts and representatives available at just the tap of a button, as if just across the desk," said POPi/o founder and CEO Gene Pranger, who introduced video banking with the interactive teller machine. "Beyond such unprecedented convenience, efficiency and profitability, interactive video restores the heart of digital banking by preserving that human touch so vital in building trusted relationships."

The POPi/o platform facilitates complex banking tasks between consumers and financial representatives, including in-video deposits and transactions, document approvals and applications, secure document exchanges, consultations, account management and more, the release said. 

River Valley members can now access services both through web and mobile applications on any personal device.

"We're very excited to use this technology tool to build upon the years of relationships that we have with our members," River Valley President and CEO Mark Hixson. "We are able to move forward with technology without leaving behind or ending the personal service our members expect from us. It is a blend of technology and relationship." 

The POPi/o executive dashboard and support center provide detailed call histories, analytics and advanced management functions, including an application for emotive recognition. 

According to the release, POPi/o is easily deployed within existing systems and allows smooth presentation of loan origination system documents and incorporation of other current customer service applications.

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