40% of UK Apple device owners have used Apple Pay

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Apple Pay

HAPPY SHOPPERS: Half of UK Apple Pay users say they’re very satisfied with the service

Four in ten UK consumers with an Apple Pay compatible device (40%) have used the mobile payment service to pay for goods or services since its launch in July 2015 and 15% feel that the introduction of Apple Pay will increase the amount of contactless payments they make, eDigitalResearch has found.

51% of those that have used the mobile payment service said they were extremely satisfied, the company’s annual Contactless Payment Index survey also revealed, compared to 32% of contactless card users who said the same.

75% have not seen any Apple Pay points or symbols before, however, and 46% said they do not understand how Apple Pay works.

“Contactless payment services are growing, as demonstrated by our latest research results,” says Steve Brockway, COO at eDigitalResearch. “However, while UK shoppers are becoming more familiar with various forms of contactless payment, the difficulties banks and technology providers now face is a lack of awareness.”

Full research findings from the Contactless Payment Index are expected to be made available in the coming months.

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