Realsec Announces North American Availability of Cryptosec Banking

Redwood City, CA – 4/16/2013 –  Realsec, a leading secure vendor of cryptographic solutions worldwide, today announced the availability of the Cryptosec Banking server, in North America.  The Realsec Cryptosec Banking server is a fully featured, high performance cryptographic processor and key storage and management appliance that utilizes Realsec’s high performance hardware security module (HSM) that is PCI DSS compliant, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certified.

Cryptosec Banking is specifically configured for financial transaction security, meeting all industry encryption and system protection standards, including EMV and PCI DSS, while offering seamless integration into existing financial transaction environments. The Cryptosec Banking systems is compatible with the latest EMV card standards for contact and contactless chips and secure mobile transactions, as well as leading payment host application software. 

"We are dedicated to building customer trust in secure issuing and processing environments," said Sebastian Muñoz, CEO of Realsec, Inc. "Realsec’s Cryptosec Banking is proven and dependable, in use at more than 50 leading banks across the globe.  We look forward to expanding the reach of our cryptographic solutions, making Realsec the North American financial industry’s ideal partner in advanced cryptographic banking/security solutions."

Key Highlights of the Cryptosec Banking Server include:

  • Full compliance with highest level of banking industry HSM standards
  • Industry leading throughput minimizes number of servers, especially valuable in high volume environments, up to 15,000 PIN verifications per second.
  • Lowest TCO from attractive, all-inclusive pricing, extended product support policies and high performance
  • Fully configured standard models avoids common add-on charges
  • Easy integration with all leading host applications
  • Highest security with tamper responsive HSM and smart card interface

All Cryptosec Banking servers provide full system functionality as standard at affordable costs, eliminating common industry charges for options or add-on features.  Offering the highest throughput available in the market, Realsec payment security solutions provide users with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

About Realsec
Realsec is the leading vendor of secure cryptographic solutions worldwide, providing complete packaged solutions based on certified HSMs for financial, enterprise and government markets in the fields of encryption and digital signature. Realsec is committed to the highest standards of security. Realsec's cryptographic hardware devices are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certified. Realsec's development site is Common Criteria Certified, and has earned the SEAL Chamber B2B Trust. Realsec customers include leaders of industry and government, while also serving over 50 banks worldwide.

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