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Payments 101, Business Applications of Blockchain, and the Impact of GDPR Courses are now offered on PayKademy

SAN FRANCISCO, California (September 25, 2018) – Building on the runaway success of its initial courses, PayKademy is pleased to announce that four new courses have been added on

The new courses, which are now open for registration through the PayKademy homepage, include:

- Payments 101 for New Merchants and Payment Processors Entrants

- GDPR—How will it impact your business if you or your clients have customers in Europe?

- Business Applications of Blockchain

- The World is Split, Initiation to Bitcoin, Blockchain and ICOs for Payments Professionals

These courses are delivered globally so students anywhere in the globe can now learn about the complex world of payments, the developments in e-commerce, and the innovations in fintech at the comfort of their homes or their office or while commuting five minutes at a time.

Before PayKademy there was no school to learn payments and fintech. Companies are growing global much faster than people learn about payments, and with PayKademy there is a way to help them. New payments methods are created and it is difficult to stay informed,

said Daniel Chatelain, CEO at PayKademy.


We understand that sending people to a boot camp is a great way for them to learn. We wanted to create a user experience that is less disruptive and more cost-effective. No need to send people around and wait for the next available sessions. Our courses are available 24/7 and do not require students to travel. Students can also ask questions and get answers from our instructors as well as other students via a forum reserved for the course or via videos. Moreover, we have carefully selected professionals who are the best fit for each topic, are great instructors and subject-matter experts.”


Payments 101 gives an overview of the US electronic payments landscape, key players, responsibilities, and the types of payments used for commerce in the US. The course will also point out other topics that are covered in some of the Deep Dive courses that are available on PayKademy, online and on-site. The course on GDPR tackles its significant impact on businesses in the US and around the world, outside the EEA. Business Applications of Blockchain discusses the competitive implications and business opportunities associated with blockchain technology. The course aims to cover the factors and principles that govern the planning, organizing, and managing of a blockchain-based project, company or venture. This will help banks and financial institutions create a good foundation for their strategy and product teams.


What makes PayKademy different from other online courses? “Taking our courses is particularly suited to busy or growing companies that can’t afford to send people around. All our courses are split in short lessons that take 1 to 5 minutes each allowing students to learn while on-the-job during breaks, shorter time allocated during the day or even during commute,” Daniel stated.

Payments are globally local and moving fast. PayKademy is a work in progress and we understand we don’t have yet all the courses that the industry needs but we are working hard to bring the knowledge which startups, banks, retailers, and vendors in this industry around the world need to be more competitive with well-trained teams.Daniel concluded.


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About PayKademy

PayKademy is the first Business School to learn Payments, Commerce, and Fintech. We are partnering with the best active experts in the industry to bring you the skills you need in our competitive and changing space. We are leveraging a special relationship with The BayPay Forum and its network of over 15,000 senior executives that has been for the last few years at the forefront of Innovation in Payments, Commerce, and Fintech.

PayKademy provides online, in-person, onsite and custom courses to businesses that are hiring new recruits, need a refresh of their executive or operations teams, or just want to understand how Payments can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage. We are very thankful to have already some of the biggest names in payments as customers.

If you are teaching Payments, Commerce, or Fintech, contact us so we can discuss how your course could be added on the PayKademy platform.

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About  BayPay

The BayPay Forum is an international business network of senior executives focused on Innovation in Payments, Commerce, and Fintech. We bring presentations, panel discussions and thought leadership events, you would normally get at top conferences around the world, close to where people live and work so they can stay informed on the latest trends in our industry and build local and international relationships with other senior executives.

Best known for the quality of its content and its networking, The BayPay Forum has been able to build a network of over 15,000 senior executive members. It has three chapters in the San Francisco Bay area (SF, Silicon Valley, East Bay), and chapters in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, London, Paris, and Luxembourg. BayPay will continue growing its chapters for the benefit of its members relying on its technology platform that allows local volunteer executives to manage chapters very easily and benefit from the networking in their community and beyond.

Many of our events are now Live Streamed allowing executives to not only hear and see the events but also participate remotely and ask questions to leaders that otherwise would have been very difficult to reach or learn from. The BayPay Forum with its freemium business model can bring value for just one event or many to single individuals or corporations alike.

BayPay offers many sponsorship and corporate membership options to help businesses create awareness of their products and solution within our network of decision makers.

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