How Organizations Can Reduce Their Data Risk Footprint

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Ilker Taskaya of Delphix on Reducing Risk in Non-Production Environments(@Ferguson_Writes) • June 14, 2019     Ilker Taskaya, principle solutions engineer, Delphix

Data in non-production environments represents a significant percentage of total enterprise data volume. Non-production environments also carry more risk than production environments because there are more direct users, says Ilker Taskaya of Delphix, who discusses how organizations can reduce that risk.

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"What's really hard is how are you able to protect that data set when people who need to use it are looking for realistic data that matches the business value of that data," he says.

In a video interview at Information Security Media Group's recent Fraud and Breach Summit in Seattle, Taskaya discusses how to:

Deal with integrated data environments; Deal with data sets located on-premises or in the cloud; Handle tasks at scale as the amount of data organizations create increases.

Taskaya is principle solutions engineer at Delphix. In his 25-year career, he has specialized in financial services and healthcare industry data security solutions. He holds a number of patents in the data security field.

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