Western Union and MoneyGram unveil Facebook Messenger bots

MoneyGram and Western Union have both launched bot that lets customers in the US send money transfers to tens of thousands of locations around the world through Facebook Messenger.

The MoneyGram Sendbot - which can be found by searching for MoneyGram in the Messenger Discover tab - requires users to sign into a MoneyGram online account, after which they can send funds to 350,000 locations around the world and track transfers.

Youri Bebic, head, product innovation, MoneyGram, says: "Innovation is the core to our business and the MoneyGram Sendbot is a true case of a hybrid product created to bridge the digital and physical worlds in order to promote financial inclusion."

Similarly, the Wester Union bot can be used to send money to more than 200 countries and territories across 130 currencies. The bot will also feature real-time FX rates and automated customer support.

Odilon Almeida, president, global money transfer, Western Union, says: "The Messenger platform allows Western Union to interact with our US customers where they are, when they need us, in the most natural, conversational way."

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